What Inspires You?

The modern world of social media has turned us all into something. 

We've all become copy cats, just copying and borrowing inspiration from others at every whim.

We're in a constant state of following the latest trends, taking notes and recording inspiration from others.

What do we make of this?

Well, a borrowed life is a facade that will only take you so far.

Social media is a tool, much like a map or a guide.

Use it until you've figured out the destination, AKA who or what you really want to become.

From there you recreate and innovative.

Then you become the followed, not the follower. The inspiration for others.

This we believe, is the core of what most people want to achieve in life.

With this, not only can you create beauty, meaning and change for yourself, but you can be the spark of inspiration for everyone else.

It's the creating, giving, and striving to explore beyond the status quo that inspires. It's about your own path, as much as it's about helping others on their path.

The idea of creating is one of the basic foundations for which Modern Pet Living was built on and it continues to inspire us to this day.

So tell us....

What inspires you?

Who are you trying to emulate?

What are you trying to create?

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