V-Dog Vegan Breathbones Dog Treats Product Review

V-Dog Vegan Breathbones Dog TreatsA vegan dog treat that does it all!

It’s safe to say vegan dog lifestyles are in vogue these days. As a cruelty-free and healthy option for dogs it quite obvious as to see why this is true, but as with anything there comes naysayers who try and talk down to those who go against the majority. Regardless of what opponents claim about the vegan diet and how it supposedly “goes against a dog's carnivorous nature”, countless dog owners (and scientists) are finding the vegan diet to be a healthier and more successful diet for their dog's overall welfare. Not only are they finding their dogs living healthier and happier lives, but these dog owners are taking comfort in knowing they are supporting a cruelty-free lifestyle for their dog as well. Overall, it's simply nice to know there is possibly more than one way and that pet owners have more options.

As the demand for vegan and cruelty-free pet products has grown over the last 5-10 years, the variety and options for vegan pet owners has grown as well. With options come power, but they also come with tough choices. With so many “vegan” pet products available, it is hard to know which is the correct choice to turn to. That’s why here at Modern Pet Living we will be working to highlight the proven producers of quality vegan pet products. It’s also why today we will be highlighting one of the up and coming brands in the pet food industry, V-Dog and their fantastic dog treats, V-Dog Vegan Breathbones Dog Treats.


Founded in 2004, V-Dog is a California-based pet food company that produces proven vegan and cruelty-free dog products for dogs of all shapes and sizes. They’re a family owned and operated small business that manufactures their food here in the good ol’ US of A, and to date V-Dog has had zero product recalls. In an age of what seems like countless recalls in the pet food industry, this is a true testament to the quality and love V-Dog puts into their vegan products. V-Dog stands by the quality of their products so much that they even offer refunds!

V-Dog Vegan Breathbones Dog Treats

These tasty treats really will do it all for your dog. The regular-sized breathbones are 4-inch chews that turn soft and breakable as your vegan doggie licks and consumes with great joy. Combined with some fantastic natural ingredients, this chewable process cleans your dog’s teeth and contributes to outstanding dental health of your dog. 

Even more joyful, the V-Dog Vegan Breathbones ingredient list is short, readable and includes REAL ingredients straight from nature, not some nameless industrial park factory in New Jersey. Furthermore, you will notice these are free from any wheat, soy and animal products:

Brown Rice Flour, Rice Flour, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Tapioca Starch, Sweet Potatoes, Carrageenan, Pumpkin, Carrots, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Pumpkin Flavor, Cinnamon, Chia Seed, Broccoli, Parsley, Spinach, Fat Product (Natural Source of DHA from Algae), Alfalfa

Here is an in-depth break down of the V-Dog Vegan Breathbones nutritional analysis:

V-Dog Vegan Breathbone
Regular sized: 122 calories (Kcal) ME (Kcal ME = kcal/KG)
Crude Protein Minimum: 6%
Crude Fat Minimum: 1.5%
Crude Fiber Max: 2%
Moisture Max: 15%

Simply put, these are a lean and healthy vegan dog treat that are great for your dog’s taste buds, dental health and weight-watching. Not only are they a treat for your dog, but also they will be a treat for you knowing they were created by a holistic, vegan and cruelty-free company. Try the V-Dog Vegan Breathbones Dog Treats today!