The Honest Kitchen Wishes Product Review - Pure Fish Chew Treats for Dogs & Cats

The Honest Kitchen Wishes - Pure Icelandic Fish Chew Treats for Dogs & Cats: A single-ingredient, human-grade treat that's straight from the Atlantic Seas of Iceland!

Here at Modern Pet Living, we make it a point to remind pet owners of the potential health dangers that pet treats can pose. Still to this day, many pet owners do not know that thousands of pets have fallen ill and hundreds more have died from eating store bought treats that have originated from China or some other nameless factory. Just as with pet food, it is critical to understand the exact source and ingredients of your pet's treats.

With this very philosophy in mind, The Honest Kitchen pet company has created a number of pet products that are of single-ingredient and identifiable origin, making it easy for pet owners to understand just exactly what they are providing their pets. The Honest Kitchen takes this even a step further by producing pet products certified as "Human-Grade", which is defined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) as pet food which is ‘edible’, "safe", and "suitable" for human consumption

The Honest Kitchen earned this outstanding distinction by passing strict U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews of their entire supply chain and production process on two separate occasions. The distinction of producing "Human-Grade" pet products is what separates The Honest Kitchen from the other pet product companies. Especially those who simply produce "Feed-Grade" level pet products, which are pet products that may contain unsafe by-products, chemicals, fillers and other low quality ingredients unfit for human consumption (like dying, diseased, disabled or deceased animals).

To us, this distinction is very important and it's why we are making it a point to inform pet owners of this remarkable brand and their high-quality line of pet products. One such Honest Kitchen product that we love is the The Honest Kitchen Wishes - Pure Icelandic Fish Chew Treats for Dogs & Cats.

The Honest Kitchen Icelandic Haddock Fish Chew Treats for Dogs and Cats are a single-ingredient treat, made from only all-natural, wild-caught Icelandic Haddock fish skin. This is the same high quality fish you will find at your local farmer's market! The chewy haddock fish sticks are a lightweight, low calorie, low fat and high protein option for both cats and dogs that need to shed a little weight. Since the wild-caught Icelandic Haddock is of single origin, these treats are also certified GMO-free by the Non-GMO project

Furthermore, here is an in-depth nutritional analysis of The Honest Kitchen Wishes - Pure Icelandic Fish Chew Treats:

Icelandic Haddock Fish Chew Treats (Dehydrated for Safe Preservation)
Crude Protein: 84%
Crude Fat: 0.8%
Crude Fiber: 0.2%
Moisture: 8%

Fit for humans and pets, these Icelandic Haddock Fish Chew Treats are a lean and healthy treat that are great for your pet's taste buds, health and weight-watching. Not only are they a great treat for your pet, but they will also be a treat for you knowing they were created by an outstanding company who produces pet products of such a high quality standard. Give your pets The Honest Kitchen Wishes - Pure Icelandic Fish Chew Treats today!