New Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Modern Pet Living.png

Despite old man winter's best efforts, we finally made it to Spring yesterday. Safe to say we're dog gone glad about it. With a number of fun outdoor adventures planned, we're excited for what's to come this spring and summer in our year dedicated to being active and fit. Like New Years, Spring is such a great starting point to begin anew and with that we're offering up some continued inspiration for all.

Inspired by our deep conviction to creating, inspiring and growing personally, we've launched the new Spring and Summer 2017 edition of Modern Pet Living Dog Lifestyle with a number of quality hand-made modern dog clothing, accessory and lifestyle products that come with a fun, colorful and active spin.

Our motto for Spring and Summer 2017 is simple. Leader > Follower, which is short for "Become the one followed, not the follower. Be the inspiration for others". 

With this we mean that you should explore beyond the normal everyday mundane by getting up and getting out. It also means taking that hike with your dogs instead of watching new Netflix shows late into the night. It means going to your local farmers market early on a weekend, instead of hitting the alarm snooze button 7 times and than ordering Domino's at noon. It means dedicating not only you and your family to a fit and healthy lifestyle, but committing your dog to a fit and healthy lifestyle as well. It means having the high quality dog lifestyle products that come from honorable North American and European producers, not those products that come from a sweatshop in China.

So this Spring and Summer 2017 we encourage you to create beauty, meaning and change, ultimately becoming that spark of inspiration for all else.

Leader > Follower