Memorial Day Tribute - Pets for Patriots Donation

First and foremost, we dedicate this post today as a massive tribute to all individual U.S military service members, both past and present, who have given so much to our country. Coming from a family of military veterans makes this dedication especially personal, but we cannot sufficiently describe in words how much gratitude and debt we owe to all those who've served since the founding of this nation. A million thanks is not enough!

In honor of Memorial Day 2017 and to all those who've served, we've decided to commit our May 2017 monthly donation to one of our favorite organizations that serves veterans, Pets for Patriots. Pets for Patriots is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works to provide companion pet adoption for military veterans.

The Pets for Patriots mission is four-fold:

1. Facilitate hard-to-place shelter animal adoptions by military personnel, working with a network of member shelters, veterinarians and other pet care providers.

2. Improve the well-being of service personnel through companion pet adoption, a humane way of easing the stresses of military transitions as service members return from deployment, re-enter civilian life or retire.

3. Foster education and awareness of the causes, conditions and numbers of animals relinquished to shelters each year in the United States, enjoining individuals around the country to the cause.

4. Educate the military community and the public about the numerous benefits of adult shelter pet adoption.

Not only are we quite in favor of the Pets for Patriots' mission, but we're also huge fans of the real world impact they're able to produce. As we see it, Pets for Patriots makes a real world impact in two major ways.

The first is the ability of Pets for Patriots to save the lives of companion animals obtained from shelters and/or rescues, who might otherwise have been tragically euthanized. We've talked before countless times about perhaps the biggest animal welfare issue in the U.S right now, which is the number of cats and dogs entering shelters in the United States is approximately 6 to 8 million each year and that approximately 3 million of these cats and dogs will be euthanized. Pets for Patriots is one of the many key players trying to take down this massive problem.

Equally as important, Pets for Patriots is one of the major organizations working to provide workable, real world solutions to veterans recovering from the psychological challenges they suffered during service to our country. Not only does Pets for Patriots help work to increase public awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other challenges confronting our country's heroes, they directly help veterans through companion animal partnerships, one of the proven methods for how veterans can overcome PTSD.

Since it's founding in 2010, Pets for Patriots has surpassed 1,200 veteran-pet matches.

Each adoption saves at least two lives: the shelter dog or cat at risk of death or non-adoption, and the veteran who gains a new sense of purpose. In addition, each animal saved makes room for another at-risk dog or cat to be made available for adoption.

On the human side, the positive impacts on veterans' family members, coworkers, neighbors and other cohorts is unmistakable, though more difficult to quantify.

We encourage Modern Pet Living fans to read more about Pets for Patriots over at and to consider supporting their cause!

Happy Memorial Day and a million thanks to all of the veterans out there for your sacrifice and service!