Kickstarter Product of the Month: Piqapoo

Currently one of our favorite places to find groundbreaking modern products for our pets is Kickstarter. Over the past year we've found some highly creative and useful modern pet products from a handful of small business owners and creative artisans. It's for this reason that us here at Modern Pet Living have decided to begin highlighting our favorite Kickstarter project for every month of the calendar year. And yes you guessed it, our criteria for endorsement will be based on our steadfast devotion to cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products. For those who don't already know about Kickstarter and the platform's innovative pledge-style crowdfunding model, let us break it out for you in a little more detail.

Founded in 2009, Kickstarter is an enormous global online community built around innovative project creation. People who back Kickstarter projects are offered tangible rewards and one of a kind experiences and products in exchange for their pledges. This model traces its roots to a subscription model of arts patronage, where artists would go directly to their audiences to fund their work. Over the course of 7 years, 10 million people have pledged a combined $1.9 billion to back over 250,000 different Kickstarter projects. Big or small, the global Kickstarter community has helped these projects come to life. Crowdfunding in action is truly a beautiful thing.

Piqapoo - The Dog-Friendly, Hands-Free Waste Collector

ALL PHOTO CREDIT TO Kickstarter and Piqapoo

ALL PHOTO CREDIT TO Kickstarter and Piqapoo

This month's Kickstarter Product of the Month is sure to be a memorable one.

The Piqapoo Hands-Free Dog Waste Collector is a simple but revolutionary device that allows you to collect your Dog's waste, handsfree. 

We've seen these types of Dog waste collection devices and systems before, but we finally believe we've found a solution that defeats all of the problems that have plagued previous devices.

When we say it is simple, we mean it's simple. Piqapoo is a basic clip and collection baggie system which is clipped/attached to the base of your Dog's tail. As soon as your Dog goes #2, the waste enters directly into the collection bag and you save yourself from clean-up!



Designed by Dog parents with the Dog’s well-being as the top priority, Piqapoo is 100% Dog friendly. The creators of Piqapoo spent three years refining its design and searching for the most durable and comfortable materials possible. Additionally, numerous veterinarians were consulted to help create the Piqapoo without any pain or discomfort to the well-being of the dog. The Piqapoo system is also environmentally friendly as well, as the Piqapoo waste collection bags are approximately 80% smaller than the average waste collection bag.

The Piqapoo clips are designed to last over a year and they have been created to fit all breeds and sizes of Dog. Piqapoo does promise to consult with Kickstarter backers before production to ensure that the Piqapoo clip fit your specific breed and size of Dog for optimal system performance.

So why Piqapoo? In sum the Piqapoo system is:

  • Handsfree, scoop-free and ground-free clean-up system

  • Veterinarian recommended and Dog friendly

  • Works for all breeds and sizes of Dog

  • Friendly to mother earth as it reduces use of plastic and reduces overall dog waste in the environment

  • Great for individuals with disabilities

  • Works for all types of #2 Dog waste

  • Light, discreet, durable and designed to remain clean of dog waste

To find out more about the Piqapoo system or fund the Piqapoo project, click the link below!

Click Here - Kickstarter Project of the Month: Piqapoo