Kickstarter Product of the Month: Actijoy

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Continuing with the Modern Pet Living Kickstarter Product of the Month feature, we come back to you after our December review of the Piqapoo Dog Waste Collector. In line with our Resolutions theme, we present to you a truly special dog health product that we believe will greatly impact and improve the health of your dog, regardless of their current standing. January's Kickstarter Product of the Month mixes some great forms of modern technology, especially in terms of helping foster a healthy lifestyle for our dogs. With the 2017 health initiative to improve you, your family and your pet's health, we encourage you to support this great product!

Actijoy™ - The High Tech Healthy Dog Lifestyle System



Introducing the Actijoy™ High Tech Healthy Dog Lifestyle System, an integrated dog health and lifestyle system that provides an in-depth 360º view of your dog's health. The Actijoy system is the very first to combine a data-driven activity tracker and a WiFi enabled dog bowl. Put more simply, it's a high tech diet coach and a personal trainer for your Dog.

Comprised of three parts (Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker, Actijoy Food & Water WiFi Bowl and Actijoy iOS & Android Mobile App), the Actijoy smart system is designed to provide key data on your dog's health, all at the tap of your finger and in real time. Unlike other modern devices, Actijoy monitors all important aspects and offers a comprehensive overlook of your dog's health from more than one angle. The Actijoy Health & Activity Tracker focuses on physical activity, while the Food & Water WiFi Bowl tracks food and water intake. The Actijoy Mobile App then evaluates all data and delivers it to you in an easy to understand form, thus allowing you to take tangible action in meeting the health needs of your dog.



Another amazing Actijoy feature is that it connects to Fitbit and other personal fitness trackers, so not only can you help improve your dog's health, but you can also improve you and your family's health!

The Actijoy model is simple. Stop guessing, and let modern technology HELP YOU, help your dog. In sum, Actijoy will help you:

  • Create and develop your dog's personal health plan with specific details related to age and breed.
  • Track your dog's daily activity and resting levels, as well as check local weather conditions.
  • Monitor and control daily water and food intake (meaning you can track daily calories and nutrient intake levels).
  • Stay alert about upcoming vet appointments and critical health reminders like medications and refills of the dog bowl.
  • Check your dog's activity remotely and seamlessly.
  • Have a cool dog bowl that's not only WiFi enabled, but is dishwasher and multi-dog friendly. It also monitors the freshness of water!
  • Take cool selfies with the Barkfile photo feature, a true must have :)

So if you find yourself constantly wondering if your dog needs to drink more water, eat less food and be more active, than Actijoy is the right system for you.

Click the link below to find out more about Actijoy and become an Actijoy Kickstarter product backer: