Holiday Travel? How To Find Dog-Friendly Restaurants

Well the end of year holiday season is here folks, so you all know good and well what that means! Travel. Travel. Travel. And Travel :)

We bring our puppy just about everywhere in general, but this is especially true during the holiday season when we are gone from the home for more than a day. Normally this is never a problem when we are on the go, as most businesses and public places are accepting of our furry family member, but every now and then we get stood-up.

This of course happens mostly at restaurants, where we have many times been faced with the outdoor patio or been kicked to the curb. As much as we love a nice craft brew with our puppy outdoors, we simply can't handle that in December with a half foot of snow and cool Arctic air on blast. Over the years we have become more savvy about finding the right restaurants and venues to bring our puppy, but nothing is 100% bulletproof. We used to do a quick check on Google Maps and even Yelp!, but the search engines on these sites are far from perfect within every context and every location. 

A while back I found a new way to search for dog-friendly restaurants called BringFido ( and it's made life traveling with our dog much easier. For those who don't already know, is a dog travel directory that provides unbiased reviews, detailed pet policy information, and online reservations at thousands of hotels, restaurants, services and other venues.

On BringFido alone there are over 10,000 dog-friendly restaurants in the United States, making it easy to find locations on the go. Unlike with other web search services, these lists aren't just of every dog-related thing under the sun, these are actual "Dog-Friendly" restaurants. Short, simple, and to the point with no mistakes. Just how we like it.

BringFido also has a number of other search tools for basically everything puppy-related. One the best features is the Hotel search feature, which BringFido has now widely become known for. Luckily we've become acquainted with folks over at BringFido enough to completely endorse their system and methodology for finding great dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and services.

Click the BringFido image below and use the referral code MPL at checkout to receive a $5 discount off of any reservations or orders. A big Happy Holidays to you and your furry loved ones from all of us at Modern Pet Living. Safe travels :)