Introducing: Cool Hunting by Modern Pet Living

Modern Living. Two words we grapple with everyday. No, not all is perfect. There are mistakes, regrets and wrong choices. There's definitely evil in this world too. All of that aside, at the end of the day we can say we're more than happy about life in 2016.

Fundamentally this is based on a system of gratitude. We know that ultimately our opportunities for choosing our life today are far greater than any other generation has experienced. We can't pay those who came before us enough.

In 2016, you can build your life in nearly anyway you please. Not only can you create beauty, meaning and change for yourself, but you can be the spark of inspiration for everyone else. It's the creating, giving, and striving to explore beyond the status quo that inspires others. It's about your own path, as much as it's about helping others on their path.

These things are in essence the very basic foundations for which Modern Pet Living was built on. We seek to show people there exists many paths for changing not only themselves, their families and their pets, but also the very world around them.

We want to continue to inspire. To continue to grow ourselves and others. We'll be accomplishing this through several mediums in the future. Among them will be a collection of coolest and most inspirational things from around the web.

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