A Plea To Pet Owners

At Modern Pet Living, we're no strangers to touching upon the modern issues effecting pets and pet owners. From calling dog owners to a higher standard of care, to pointing out the shameful and cruel nature of the big corporate pet producers, we believe that we can inspire modern pet owners to help move the world in a more responsible and conscientious direction.

Today's post will be no different.

A major error consistently seen from pet owners is their inability to understand the effects of modern life on their pets. While the drawbacks of a modern lifestyle on human health (increased rates of obesity, diabetes, inflammation and cancer) are well known, most pet owners continue to misunderstand that this concept very much applies to our dogs and cats as well. 

Problems such as obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and cancer are at epidemic levels in our pets. Obesity in particular is now considered an epidemic for dogs and cats, at 56% of dogs and 54% of cats in 2011. A problem that has not improved at all over the past 5 years.

While the burden of this problem lands squarely on the shoulders of pet owners, a large portion is also due to the lack of information and truth being provided to pet owners. Specifically, the truth about the commercial and corporate pet brand products which they have unfortunately decided to trust and provide their pets with.

Common sense instilled in us at a young age to know the very basic ingredients and production process of our food before consuming it. While ignorance is bliss and our taste buds deny us of this common sense sometimes, more often than not it prevails. Unfortunately for many pets, this common sense does not cross apply to their food or health.

Before going any further, ask yourself this one question: Do you know exactly what's in your pet's food? If your answer to that question was no, and you buy from the commercial and corporate pet brand products, we can help answer that question for you. 

First and foremost, most if not all of these products contain poor quality nutritional sources from byproducts of soybeans, wheat, corn, corn meal and corn gluten instead of quality meat, vegetarian or vegan sources of nutrition. Additionally, these products are laden with chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, Sodium Mitrate and Propyl Gallate. All of which are known to cause harm to the liver and kidneys in pets and have been linked to cancer.

The remaining byproducts of these commercial frankenfoods are leftover and unwanted animal remains, including but not limited to the bones, blood, intestines, lungs, ligaments and all other parts not consumed by humans. 

Put more aptly by our friends at PETA: "These commercial pet foods are often composed of ground-up parts of animals deemed by U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors unfit for human consumption. The flesh of animals who fall into one of the categories of the four D’s—dead, dying, diseased, or disabled—is what often goes into pet food"

To cover up and mask these atrocious nutritional product sources, the commercial big brands then use additives like corn syrup, to give their pet foods a palatable dampness and flexibility. Other additives such as artificial food colorings and MSG, (Mono Sodium Glutamate) a popular flavor enhancer, are used to further disguise these atrocious ground-up animal parts as well. Combined these additives provide no added nutritional value, while they continue to remain a source for numerous pet health problems.

In sum our plea to pet owners is this, read your pet's commercial and big brand food label. Study and know what you are feeding them. We are certain that you will come to understand the key part of having a healthy and happy pet is by providing them with the cruelty-free pet food products made with love from premium and holistic ingredients, not made by scientists in some pet food factory experiment.

To help, we have simplified the process for pet owners and put together a list of pet brands and products that have been verified cruelty-free and examined to the fullest extent possible. With such a wide range of products from countless respectable companies, pet owners have more power than ever to live a conscious and pure life and give their pets only the very best.

Start a cruelty-free life for your pet today.