A Call to Action: Responsible Dog Ownership Month!

Every September we take time to celebrate and honor the responsible dog owners of the world. While it is a time of celebration and respect, it is also a time to correct those who mistreat, abuse and neglect their dogs and a time to raise the standard for all owners

As dog parents we all share the brunt of the responsibility to provide the best care for our little loved ones. In addition, it's on us to encourage responsible dog ownership, and to promote awareness and acceptance of humane, healthy and cruelty-free practices.

While there are many, many facets of responsible dog ownership, it all starts with providing your dog the pillar of great health and giving them the best cruelty-free and holistic products available. The fact is simply this, responsible dog owners are those who avoid buying and giving their dogs the products that come from the cruelty-infested, mega-conglomerates like Nestle-Purina and Procter & Gamble. 

Not only is it our responsibility to give our dogs the best cruelty-free and holistic products possible, it is also our responsibility to promote and advocate for the brands and products that help us accomplishment this.

At Modern Pet Living, we've taken it upon ourselves to promote and inform all responsible dog owners of the holistic and cruelty-free producers that help them continue to be great parents. That's why Modern Pet Living is constantly on the look out for new cruelty-free, holistic, vegetarian and vegan products and why we are champions of the products ourselves.

This month we are issuing a call to action and reflection. Simply ask yourself this, what can YOU start doing today to be a more responsible dog owner and parent of your little loved one? Chances are, we'll know the answer ;)