Happy 2017! New Year, New Resolutions For You & Your Pet

2017 Resolutions - For You And Your Pet - Modern Pet Living

Resolutions. Resolutions. Resolutions. The word of the month every January.

We're now over 10 days into 2017. How are your resolutions going so far?

If you're the hardened, disciplined and positive people like we know you to be, then we can only expect a resounding "Great!". And if you've already fallen off the resolution wagon in 2017, we're here to offer our support! We also have a few new resolution suggestions for you to get back on track. There are still more than 350 days in 2017, it's not too late!

One successful resolution that we personally committed to in 2016, was a plan for weight loss and overall fitness improvement. This goal was much like any other year, as weight loss and fitness are the classic new year's resolution. But in 2016 the results were significantly different, in a good way.

Among numerous other positive causes, one key reason for our success was the added goal of improving the health and weight of each of our pets as well. Along with more consistent long walks and play time on the farm, we also became much more conscious about their nutrition, supplementation and overall diet. By thinking more proactively about their health, it caused us to think even more about ours. Intuitively, our own health and weight goals were easier to stick to as we had our furry love ones involved as well. Goals are always easier to reach when you have others involved.

The idea of improving the health and weight of our pets came to us after reading a report from The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) about the current epidemic of obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and cancer for cats and dogs in the United States. Even though we took very good care of our cats and dogs before 2016, it struck us at how easy it was to forget that modern sedentary life affects pets just as much as people.

Not only are the "sins of sloth and gluttony" wrong for the individual person, but it's just as wrong to allow that to happen to our pets who are largely under our full care. The drawbacks of a modern lifestyle on human health (increased rates of obesity, diabetes, inflammation and cancer) are well known, yet most pet owners continue to misunderstand that this concept very much applies to our cats and dogs as well. 

Problems such as obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and cancer are at epidemic levels in our pets. Obesity in particular is now considered an epidemic for dogs and cats, at 56% of dogs and 54% of cats in 2011. A problem that has not improved at all over the past 5 years.

So while you work to improve you or your family's health goals in 2017, please think and consider your pet's health in 2017 as well. Not only can this help you reach your own personal goals, but you can also individually contribute to the nationwide fight against the epidemic-level health crisis of pet obesity.

To help you moving forward in 2017, Modern Pet Living will be launching a series of pet health tips and information. Until next time check out some of our greatest hits regarding pet health. May you and your family have a happy and healthy 2017 :)